Risotto with Zucchini and Bell Peppers

December 13, 2012 Posted by

I love Italian food and though I like Pasta more than Risotto, I decided to cook Risotto again after a long time. Having tried Risotto with pumkin and one other time with chicken and mushrooms, today I decided to cook it with Bell Peppers and Zucchini.
Risotto with Zucchini and Bell Peppers

1. In a large pan, take 1 tbsp of olive oil. When hot, add 1 cup zucchini cut into cubes. I used Golden Zucchini here but you can use the Green one too. Add 1/2 cup each of red and yellow peppers and saute on high heat for 2-3 mins. When gold, add 5-6 pods of finely chopped garlic  and saute for a minute stirring continuously. Remove from the pan and set aside
2. In the same pan, add 1 tbsp olive oil. Add 1 onion cut into fine longish thin pieces. Saute on low heat till pink/translucent. Dont burn/brown the onions. Add 1 and 1/2 cup arborio rice to this mixture and saute till the rice grains are transparent.
3. Add 1 cup of vegetable stock to the rice and stir continuously  Keep adding stock as and when needed and stir constantly. Keep doing this for about 20 mins on low flame, till the rice is cooked but yet crunchy to bite into.
4. Add the zucchini and bell peppers, add 1 tbsp butter and mix well. Sprinkle basil leaves (Since i did not have basil at home, I used tulsi leaves and the taste was very similar to basil) and grated cheese (you need to use Parmesan, but I used Gouda as  I did not get parmesan at the store). Stir gently and remove from heat
5. Drizzle olive oil and some more cheese and serve.

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