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I come from a Konkani family from Karwar (North Karnataka) and I can say that cooking is the most discussed topic among all the women in the family. My mom, grand mom and aunts are all awesome cooks and conjuring elaborate, delicious dishes is how we show love and care for the family.

I started cooking pretty late in life but have discovered that nothing makes me more happy than the smile I see on people’s faces when they like the food cooked by me. Now that I am a mother, I am even more interested in learning new recipes so that I can cook fresh and tasty food to develop my little ones taste buds.

This blog initially started out of my need to store my recipes in a digital form. I always had recipes written on the nearest scrap of paper available and then it was a herculean task to locate them when needed. It becomes especially difficult when you have a lot of irrelevant and never tried before recipes lying along with recipes you have tried before and liked. Hence I decided that I will store the tried and tested recipes which I liked on this blog. But over the years, it has become an essential part of my weekends.

The blog mainly focuses on Konkani and Indian recipes. I realized that of all the courses, I liked cooking curries the most. The right balance of spices and the aroma that fills up the house when Indian curries are cooked, is what I treasure. I also try to focus on traditional Konkani recipes, esp fish recipes which I have grown up eating.

I am no expert chef but do like to experiment with different tastes. I rarely order the same dish when I go out to eat and the same goes at home. I like to cook something new every time I venture into the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you try and cook some of these dishes and if you do, please do leave a comment on the blog.

Shweta Shanbhag

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