Tawa Fish Fry (Konkani style)

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Tawa Fish Fry - crispy fried fish Konkani style
Rice and fish are staples in Konkani Saraswat cuisine which makes us Pesco – vegetarian. Saraswats mostly eat sea water fish like pomfret, mackerel, king fish. In my family, we generally pan fry fish as it is much healthier than deep frying it. I am a big fan of fish as it is much lighter than other meat and tasty too if well cooked.


My daughter likes fish fry so much that she can eat it daily for both meals. Hence, I marinate all the fish at one go and keep it in the freezer in smaller batches wrapped in cling wrap. I defrost only 1 batch every day and fry it. This way the fish is marinated well and she gets to eat fried fish every day.


Here is a really simple fish fry recipe, hardly takes much time to cook.
I have used Black Pomfrets in the above picture.


1/2 kg fish, cleaned and cut into horizontal pieces
3-4 garlic pods
1 tbsp red chilli powder (you can add more according to taste)
1 tbsp tamarind paste
3-4 tbsp of Sooji (Bombay Rawa)
1 tbsp rice powder
A pinch of turmeric


  1. Make a paste of garlic pods, red chilli powder, a pinch of turmeric and salt according to taste.
  2. This paste can be stored in the refrigerator and used for about a week
  3. Marinate the fish in this paste. Apply cuts to the fish and then marinate if using whole fish. This can be left for 15-20 mins for the fish to marinate well.marinated fishHere I have used Bangda (Mackerel) and Surmai (King Fish)
  4. Heat a non stick pan. Take 3-4 tbsp of Sooji (Rawa) and 1 tbsp rice powder and mix well. Add a pinch of salt to this mixture.  Roll the marinated fish in it so that its entirely coated and keep aside for a few minutes. You can also use only Rice powder or Rice Rawa instead of Sooji.Fish rolled in Suji
  5. Add 1 tbsp oil on the tawa and then add the fish when the tawa is hot. You can roll the fish in the rawa once more just before adding it to the tawa for an even coating.
  6. Cook on a medium flame. Turn the fish once the side looks golden brown. Fry the fish on a low flame till done. Should be cooked in a total time of 10 mins.
  7. Chop onions, add a pinch of salt and lemon juice and serve with the fish.          

This dish goes very well with rice and Onion Tamboli (another Konkani special) or Simple Garlic Dal.

Note: This is an old post from my old blog. Bumping it up here with new images.

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4 thoughts on “Tawa Fish Fry (Konkani style)”

  1. I have just tried it, and it’s really tasty. The only difference is I have used Sweet water fish, lime juice instead of tamarind. Hope you will post more Konkani food.

  2. viv2988 says:

    Great recipe! I made it on sunday…just reduced the chili a little..turned out well!

  3. Ashok Ranadive says:

    Nice description of a dish that I love so much and won’t mind eating everyday! Thanks Shweta! Expect more such awesome recipes from this blog!

    1. Thanks Ashok for your encouragement..will surely keep some really awesome recipes coming 🙂

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