Murgh Do Pyaaza

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I like Onions with my chicken and hence decided to cook this Murgh Do Pyazza today. This dish is so called because you add a lot of onions to the gravy. The gravy is very rich and goes perfectly with both Roti and Rice.
Murgh Do Pyaaza


  1. Clean and cut 500 gms chicken into pieces and marinate with freshly grated 1 inch ginger and 3-4 pods of garlic, some salt and 1 tsp red chilli powder.
  2. Finely chop 1 large onion and cut another large onion into cubes. Separate the onion layers and keep aside. Blend 2 tomatoes in the mixer to a fine puree.
  3. Heat 1 tbsp ghee or oil in a pan. I added ghee for extra taste. Add 1 tsp ginger paste and 1 tsp garlic paste (I again grated ginger and garlic into a pan directly.
  4. When it turns brown, add finely chopped onions. Add a pinch of salt and cook till it turns brown. Now add tomato puree and saute for 5 mins.
  5. Meanwhile, take 2 tbsp yoghurt in a bowl, add pinch of turmeric and 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp coriander powder and 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp garam masala powder and mix well. Add this to the pan and saute well till the smell of raw spices is gone.
  6. Add the chicken pieces,and the cubed onions and mix well, add water according to the consistency you like. I added 1 cup of water and mix well.
  7. Cover and cook for 20 mins on a small flame.

The chicken do pyaza is ready to eat. You can garnish it with kasoori methi leaves and coriander leaves before serving.

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  1. kalpana says:

    easy to cook. very delicious

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